Monday, March 5, 2012

More Media Bias

So I was watching on t.v. tonight and saw more mainstream media bias towards Conservatives. This time is over Rush Limbaugh's comments of calling a girl a "slut". I didn't agree with him calling her that. The Liberal media is having a field day with this and he has lost some sponsors. Rush later apologized.

Ever notice how when a Liberal does the same thing, the mainstream media ignores this? Such as Bill Maher repeatedly calling Sarah Palin a "slut" and the "c" word? Keith Olbermann calling Michelle Malkin names? Ed Shultz calling Laura Ingram a "slut"? And numerous other times. They even called Hillary Clinton some sexist names when she was running in 2008. There was no fine, major backlash, and only because someone did speak up, Ed Shultz apologized and was suspended for a week from his show. The Left repeatedly does this on a regular basis and it's ridiculous.

I don't care what party you like, those words should never be used towards a woman.


joe said...

.. although she kind of is one..

Trigger said...

I don't personally know that one, but she is the poster child for today's entitlement culture. Why do you think the President gave her a call to offer support? I believe Georgetown U is a religious college and she CHOSE to go there, yet, like most people now days, they want things and laws to suit them. And it doesn't reflect in actuality of what people really believe