Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Eli Manning....

I have eternal hatred for you now. I used only dislike you when your Dad came out before you got drafted and said you will never play for my beloved Chargers. I thought I'd never say this, but I prefer to watch Peyton over you. And now that you have won 2 rings, I have eternal hatred for you and you are a sure lock for the Hall of Fame.

And on a side note, New England....why are all the championship games you have been in the last decade+, always 3-4 points differential? And you're favored in all of them too? I am no longer rooting for you in these situations.

And 49er fans: If you would had done your job on special teams, I wouldn't be making this post.

At least one of my all-time favorites, Joe Montana, his records are still intact and is the greatest Super Bowl Champion. Yes, even over Terry Bradshaw who was also 4-0 in Super Bowls.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Year Update 2/2012

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I had a great review at my job and made permanent status! I actually like my job, good people that work there and (what always helps) is a good wage.

Yesterday in front of the county courthouse, there was a "re-occupy/take back the courthouse" rally that I stuck around for after work. It was a small grassroots effort and a couple hundred people marched in front of the courthouse to tell the Board of Supervisors and the city that we're tired of the bums/vagrants camping and to clean up their act and go.

Where I live, the real "Occupy" people left a couple months ago, now it's basically bums, homeless and vagrants hanging out, destroying the courthouse grounds and lawn, smoking weed and confronting people on their way to work making it uncomfortable to walk on the sidewalk. Of course the bums made signs that say "we are here to stay", "you can't fence in Democracy" and various other signs. Everyone has a right to protest, but there's a time when it gets old and especially when they are destroying the grounds.

We used to have a couple of groups such as "The Ladies In Black" and "Veterans for Peace" who did silent protests on Saturdays but they even said in a recent Board of Supervisors meeting that they don't come around anymore because the current idiots (paraphrasing) have made it uncomfortable for them. There was a even a guy holding a sign last night saying he was a "99%" person, but even he is fed up with the vagrants/bums/occupiers that have camped in front of the courthouse and it was time to take it back.

When the first "occupiers" showed up, one of them had a sign that said "this is public space, this is ours and we're taking it back". And this is the time when they were camping out, trash was everywhere, just a blatant disregard for the grounds and area around the courthouse. I confronted one and said "I bet you don't work and pay taxes do you? Well I do and my taxes have to go towards the extra security and to pay for the clean up you morons have made. This is also 'my space' since it's a public ground and I don't destroy my own property like you guys are doing. You are ridiculous". As usual, their only response was profanity.

I even had a co-worker go for a walk and one of the bums/occupiers asked her for a cigarette and she said she didn't smoke. He then asked her for some change and she told him "no". His response was "Don't you know it's the holidays?" She told him what does that have to do with anything? He proceeded to call her profane name which is uncalled for.

All in all, I am glad people are starting to get tired of the "occupy" people. In most cities where this is happening, there have been assaults, clashes with police, damage to windows and buildings, trashed parks or courthouse grounds, hacking into government sites, etc and you know, this never was the case with the Tea Party. People tried to make false stories about them being racist, trashing the areas where they had their marches and cities even made them take permits out if they wanted to march. NONE of these "Occupy" people have even gotten a permit and they trash everything.

Who do you got for the Super Bowl? I got New England. They have a good team but mainly because I hate Eli Manning. I'm a huge Chargers fan and ever since the NFL Draft that year and his Dad spoke out and said "we'll never play for San Diego". I don't care for him. i really don't care for the Mannings in general. I hate Eli so much, I'd take and injured Peyton Manning over Eli. So tomorrow on Super Bowl Sunday, go Patriots!

Take it easy!
- Trigger