Friday, May 27, 2011

Job Update And Story

Well in the last week or so, I've been able to find and submit 12 applications. One place told me to come back Tuesday for an interview - WOO HOO!! - and another told me they would call me next week. I did get one place to email me back and say "thanks, but no thanks" about an HR Assistant job. In the area where I live, jobs are scarce and though I LOOK EVERYDAY EITHER IN PERSON OR ONLINE FOR JOB POSTINGS AND HIRINGS, I've gotten more feed back in the last week than I have in the last 4 or 5 weeks. It's been crazy. But at least it's a sign that things are slowly picking up.

So HELL YEAH and SUCK IT! I hope something positive comes from this. I get some many no responses or emails back from employers telling me that "Thanks for applying, but you don't meet the qualifications, etc" with all these jobs I have been applying for (Full Time or Part Time).

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One reason why I am posting this, is because it's good to express your feelings, i like to let some people know the status of my job searches since I have been unemployed for over a year now, and also to respond to a person who I though was my friend and is no longer.

Last Friday, I reminded him that I was having a BBQ and to make sure that he would be coming by along with a few other people. He then sends me hateful texts saying that I should schedule the BBQ at the location he'll be camping at instead of where I live and that "I'm fucked up" and "I've exhausted all his patience" and " quit wasting his motherfucking time". I have never done anything mean to this person, I've been a good friend to him in the year I have known him, his girlfriend and kid, go archery shooting, hang out, etc.

After getting no response on what prompted this, Monday comes around and I send his girlfriend a message letting them know that due to his actions, they are uninvited to my cousin's houseboat trip he had planned and we were all going to go. Probably within an hour I start getting "I'm sorry" texts from my "friend" then followed up by messages for almost the next hour saying things like "...(I) got tired of hearing the reasons why you can't afford things (this is from me turning him down to meet up for breakfast on his day off because I wanted to try somewhere different and he got butt hurt about it so I ended up not going)", and he CLAIMS "...I plan on staying on unemployment until December (when basically my 99 week would be up) and that "...I plan on waiting a few weeks until after the houseboat trip to look for work..." which he called "nuts". That claim is completely false because I have been looking for work on a regular basis and if I get a job in the meantime, I plan on working, so that claim is out the window.

He also got butt hurt at the fact I didn't want to go camping Memorial Day weekend because I try to avoid camping and traveling on the major holidays due to traffic, campgrounds being packed and something always happens. Plus where I live, the weather is supposed to be raining so that wouldn't be any fun right there.

He says that he and his girlfriend tried to " me have fun (which is partly true, when I felt like hanging out, we did have fun hanging out, getting a few beers and doing archery), "helping me find work" (which is funny because the only three times he mentioned about he knew of a place hiring, he didn't give me the company name so I missed out on that job and the other two was for the hospital and you had to be a certified Lab Tech to have the job. It wasn't like a cafeteria job or something I would qualify for), "help me get laid" (which is a joke - if he wouldn't fuck that girl, why would I?)

Also, he says to me that "...I talk about wanting to get out of my Mom's place" (which i help out on bills with - I'm not freeloading) and that he said "I've asked about renting his trailer which too is nuts". Yeah it is nuts, it's small and the only time I did ask about his trailer, was what kind of model it is, how long has he had it and I made the joke that you could run an electric cord from the trailer to the house and someone could live in it. I guess he took that as me wanting to "rent it out".

He says that he and his girlfriend just got "...frustrated with my 'situation'", basically not going out whenever they invited me out (and like I texted him back, whether I can afford to or not, if I don't FEEL like going out, I won't. Why should I drop whatever I am doing just so we can always hang out?), and that the "free" breakfast I turned down the previous Friday was the "straw that broke the camels back". Too fucking bad.

He also was "frustrated" at the fact that a piece of my bow broke a couple weeks before on the outdoor range and I hadn't gotten fixed yet and that he invited me to a weekend Archery shoot that I turned down because of bow situation. This was also the 3rd archery shoot that I turned down with him because though archery is fun, I can do it for an hour every now and then, but not ALL day for 3 days like he likes to do. Again, if i don't feel like going, I won't.

He then apologizes again to me and rambles on about how I need to "upgrade my morals, regain my self respect and getting employed with benefits will help me lots". He also says that "...I can't talk to (us) about not working..." and that "...I have plans on 'milking the system' and it's his girlfriend's job to weed out fraud and it's insulting in case I haven't figured it out" and that "...any job is better than no job after all this time isn't it?" (which is also funny because I made the comment once to him about working at McDonald's IF HE HAD TO and he has a kid to support and he told me HE WOULDN'T - A JOB IS BETTER THAN NO JOB RIGHT BUDDY???). He also claimed that me helping him with yard work the other weekend was him "hiring me" and he thought that "...would motivate me to get the ball rolling and get a job" which is a joke because he asked me as a friend to help him out and I did just that.

That right there angered me and I took it as a threat because I have had NO plans on "milking the system", I have ACTIVELY been looking for work, applying for all kinds of work but so far not much has come my way, I've tested for a couple of jobs, had only 2 phone interviews and I have a personal interview next Tuesday and to say that because I have been unemployed this long I am committing 'fraud'.

My brother was unemployed for almost a year and a half before he got his new job back in March and I have a friend down in Sacramento where I used to live where he couldn't find work, his 99 weeks were exhausted and he ended up going back to school and getting grants to help out. Is that "milking the system"? Come on. There are tons of people who are not and are genuinely having a tough time finding work. Not everyone has a secure job making good money and working for the county like his girlfriend or pulling and installing cables like him.

I texted him back a few times, nicely, explaining that he made it seem like I complained to him ALL the time, that there are times he complained about his Grandma living with him and they he has seconds thoughts about his girlfriend moving in with him and that at one point she was upset because she had to get rid of her pets because he's allergic and when I asked him, he said "he didn't care and if she doesn't like it, there's the door". I never told her any of this because he asked I wouldn't and as a friend, I try to keep my word. There are many other things he has said to me that I kept under wraps and it's rude how a person I thought was my friend would all of a sudden say things like this and turn his back on me after a year of friendship all basically because I wouldn't hang out when he wanted to, eat at where he wanted to eat, and that I wasn't finding a job quick enough for him. You're not my Dad, you're 44, and grow up. Who are you to tell someone how they do they things and what pace it's going at?

You can never say never, maybe someday we'll be friends again, who knows, but as of now, I can't be and I never accepted his apology.

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