Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday! - Some 80's Favorites

In honor of the 80's party I'm going to tomorrow night, I thought I'd post some cool 80's videos. It won't be many since I got a late jump on it today, but oh well.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9/11 First Responders Bill Passes, People Filing A Claim Will Checked As Terrorists

I think it's stupid that it took this long to pass a bill taking care of the ones who took care of those in NYC on 9/11. The stupidest thing about this bill is that it requires the people who are filing a claim to be cross checked to see if they are terrorists or not. Really? That's an insult. We don't cross check that for people who receive money for Medicare, SSI, Disability, Farm and Oil Subsidies, we don't check for druggies getting Welfare and Unemployment. We should for all of that. And the stupid part is that the committee chairman says it's an insult but allowed a vote that provision and it passed. That's our Congress.

Via Huffington Post: A provision in the new 9/11 health bill may be adding insult to injury for people who fell sick after their service in the aftermath of the 2001 Al Qaeda attacks, The Huffington Post has learned.

The tens of thousands of cops, firefighters, construction workers and others who survived the worst terrorist assault in U.S. history and risked their lives in its wake will soon be informed that their names must be run through the FBI’s terrorism watch list, according to a letter obtained by HuffPost.

Any of the responders who are not compared to the database of suspected terrorists would be barred from getting treatment for the numerous, worsening ailments that the James Zadroga 9/11 Health And Compensation Law was passed to address.

It’s a requirement that was tacked onto the law during the bitter debates over it last year.

The letter from Dr. John Howard, director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, informs medical providers and administrators that they should begin letting patients know before the new program kicks in this July.

“This is absurd,” said Glen Kline, a former NYPD emergency services officer. “It’s silly. It’s stupid. It’s asinine.”

“It’s comical at best, and I think it’s an insult to everyone who worked on The Pile and is sick and suffering from 9/11,” said John Feal, a former construction worker who lost half a foot at Ground Zero and runs the advocacy group Fealgood Foundation.

Read the full article on HuffPo
Watch the Daily Show videos here on this bill. Pretty hilarious and makes sense.

White House And Obama Finally Release His Birth Certificate

As VP Joe Biden would say, "This is a big F'N deal!!" I don't know if Trump actually hired a private investigator or not, but it lit a fire under the President and finally got him to release his birth certificate (which you can view if you click on the pdf link in the article below). Why did it take so long?

Via Yahoo! News/The Ticket: The White House on Wednesday morning released the president's long form birth certificate (pdf) in an attempt to put "birther" questions to rest.

"The President believed the distraction over his birth certificate wasn't good for the country. It may have been good politics and good T.V., but it was bad for the American people and distracting from the many challenges we face as a country," White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer said in a statement.

The president had released his certificate of live birth in 2008, but many "birthers" said the absence of a long form birth certificate prompted questions about Obama's birthplace of Hawaii. In recent weeks potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has brought birther questions into the forefront of the media.

"At a time of great consequence for this country--when we should be debating how we win the future, reduce our deficit, deal with high gas prices, and bring stability to the Middle East, Washington, DC, was once again distracted by a fake issue," Pfeiffer said. "The President's hope is that with this step, we can move on to debating the bigger issues that matter to the American people and the future of the country."

Obama admitted at a White House press conference following the document's release Wednesday morning that he's been both amused and puzzled by the degree to which his place of birth has become an issue.

The president echoed Pfeiffer's statements saying that Americans and their representatives need to come together to solve issues such as how to "invest in our future" while tackling the federal deficit and federal debt:

But we're not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. We're not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. We're not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.

Though the president didn't mention Trump by name, Obama noted that when he announced his deficit plan this month, his birth certificate, not our country's economic future, dominated the news that week.

Trump on Wednesday took full credit for the release.

"I feel I've accomplished something really really important and I'm honored by it," Trump said at a press conference held during his pre-scheduled visit today to New Hampshire. Trump noted that people have long been requesting the document, but Trump was the only one who got the president to release it. Trump suggested Wednesday this development will boost his own potential presidential candidacy.

Trump said he and others are still going to have to assess the document's authenticity. We're "going to look at it. We have to see if it's real, if it's proper," Trump said. But he added that he's "sure it's the right deal" and is looking forward to moving on to more important issues such as OPEC and China.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flashback Friday! - The Weird Al Yankovic Edition

This guy is hilarious. Enjoy these ones I picked.

Many more on his YouTube channel

Friday, April 15, 2011

Flashback Friday! - The Dru Hill Edition

It's that time again! It's Flashback Friday!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flashback Friday! - The Nelly Edition

He is one of my favorite artists and hip hop stars. I had to post his work.