Friday, March 4, 2011

Message From Trigger

I have been crazy busy with some personal things, including my search for work lately. In the last two weeks, I've made more progress that I have in the last about 8 months. At least a couple of places let me turn in hard copies of applications and my resume' instead of the usual "you need to apply online" and in that case, I'll get no response or I'll get in the mail or email notice saying "Sorry you don't qualify".

I actually had a phone interview with one company. That was the first "interview" I've had since May of 2010. I have to go back to EDD next Thursday since I've been unemployed for over a year now, my 2nd extension is almost up and I have to do the interview process and turn in my work search form at the same time to them. Hopefully something positive comes from it.

I did notice that HotJobs and Monster joined forces, but it still sucks like Career Builder because I can search for work on it, and the first 9 pages are filled what I call "Scam Jobs". Those consist of all those "work from home" type jobs and "make $750 a week" or "online survey" jobs. Of course all the other jobs that seem to be posted are for Health Care but I have no degree or experience in that so that automatically disqualifies me.

I have had lots of luck the last couple of months though with searching for work on for regular work and the California state website. Still not many businesses locally are hiring and hardly take a resume' in person.

Maybe over the weekend or next week I'll get back to posting a few political or random stuff. I haven't decided.



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DeanO said...

Boy - It's so tough out there. I'm glad you got in the front door. I just had my first face to face and boy did it feel good. Also, didn't we use to get a courtesy letter saying "Sorry - but?" The times have changed.