Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake And Tsunami Hits Japan, West Coast Of CA Hit Too.

Around midnight PST, I was watching the news and the earthquake had just hit and as the commentator was talking to a USGS guy from Berkeley, the tsunami was hitting the coast and I agree with the guy as it was unfolding, it was "awesome". Not being disrespectful, it's just something you don't see, especially "live" and from aerial too. What else can you say? It's just shock and awe basically.

So far, I hear the death toll could be over 1,000 and one nuclear reactor in Japan is in danger and on fire, but luckily it is under control and because technology and awareness has come so far since Chernobyl, no one is expecting it to radiate and harm people which is good.

Where I live in California, the tsunami warning was WAY over hyped, the local news is going nuts, a 3 foot surge isn't going to do much around here thanks to the peninsulas, the shallowness of the bay and the elevation my town sits on proximity to the bay and ocean. I'm wondering what kind of crazy stories the local media will show since nothing significant really happens around here anyways.

But...the positive spin on this is, that nothing was damaged, and it does show how prepared we are. The people who did get hurt to the north, they were idiots and didn't stay away from the shore and take higher ground as instructed. Those kind of things do have to have a degree of seriousness to it and should not be taken lightly.

I hope others in that country and throughout the Pacific and western USA are OK, God Bless them, and we will be right there helping with aid and reconstruction.

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