Friday, March 25, 2011

Personal Message - No "Flashback Friday" This Week

For the first time ever, I will not be doing a "Flashback Friday". Reason is because over the weekend, I got a fever that somehow turned into an infection on my leg that ended up becoming an abscess and I had to go to the emergency room and had it popped and drained. I visited a surgical specialist yesterday because of how large and deep it was, the ER doc said I may need surgery. Luckily I do not, it seems to be slowly draining and healing well with the medication, sit baths and other things I am doing to keep it clean, etc. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the bill since I am still unemployed and have NO insurance.

But on the upside, I am doing better and this is the first time in a week I have been online, but only enough to write this. I hope to be all better next week and I can bring back a kick ass "Flashback Friday" for those who do enjoy it.


- Trigger

Friday, March 18, 2011

Flashback Friday! - The Anthrax Edition

Just for fun. The episode they were on Married With Children.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Here's a link to some St. Patrick's facts. Also, did you know that the first St. Patrick's Day parade took place in New York City, not Ireland? I didn't. I do now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday! - The Eminem Edition

Earthquake And Tsunami Hits Japan, West Coast Of CA Hit Too.

Around midnight PST, I was watching the news and the earthquake had just hit and as the commentator was talking to a USGS guy from Berkeley, the tsunami was hitting the coast and I agree with the guy as it was unfolding, it was "awesome". Not being disrespectful, it's just something you don't see, especially "live" and from aerial too. What else can you say? It's just shock and awe basically.

So far, I hear the death toll could be over 1,000 and one nuclear reactor in Japan is in danger and on fire, but luckily it is under control and because technology and awareness has come so far since Chernobyl, no one is expecting it to radiate and harm people which is good.

Where I live in California, the tsunami warning was WAY over hyped, the local news is going nuts, a 3 foot surge isn't going to do much around here thanks to the peninsulas, the shallowness of the bay and the elevation my town sits on proximity to the bay and ocean. I'm wondering what kind of crazy stories the local media will show since nothing significant really happens around here anyways.

But...the positive spin on this is, that nothing was damaged, and it does show how prepared we are. The people who did get hurt to the north, they were idiots and didn't stay away from the shore and take higher ground as instructed. Those kind of things do have to have a degree of seriousness to it and should not be taken lightly.

I hope others in that country and throughout the Pacific and western USA are OK, God Bless them, and we will be right there helping with aid and reconstruction.

Japan earthquake story here

Watch different point of views and videos of the earthquake and tsunami hitting Japan here

Story on the tsunami hitting Hawaii and the West Coast here

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some Charlie Sheen Funnies And Links I Have Found

shirt picture from Crazy Dog T-Shirts

I don't know why, but Charlie Sheen has become a trainwreck I can't stop watching. So for those Warlock, Tiger Blood filled, Disease cured with your mind, and want to Duh...Winning! who feel the same way, enjoy these links.

Charlie Sheen Twitter

Winning with Charlie Sheen Tumblr

Charlie Sheen Soundboard

Charlie Sheen quotes

Charlie Sheen e-cards

Charlie Sheen t-shirt

Create your own stark raving mad Charlie Sheen libs

Wednesday's Political Funnies

Anti-Union Bill Passes In Wisconsin

I think this is good because most unions are draining state budgets and the pockets of private sector workers and plus it's a nice slap in the face for the Democrats aka "fleebaggers" who ran like a sad little girl out the state and are hiding because that's what they do. They want everyone do listen and do what they say, but when confronted, they use hate or they run. Good for Wisconsin.

Yahoo!/AP: The Wisconsin Senate voted Wednesday night to strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public workers, approving an explosive proposal that had rocked the state and unions nationwide after Republicans discovered a way to bypass the chamber's missing Democrats.

All 14 Senate Democrats fled to Illinois nearly three weeks ago, preventing the chamber from having enough members present to consider Gov. Scott Walker's "budget-repair bill" — a proposal introduced to plug a $137 million budget shortfall.

The Senate requires a quorum to take up any measures that spend money. But Republicans on Wednesday separated from the legislation the proposal to curtail union rights, which spends no money, and a special committee of lawmakers from both the Senate and Assembly approved the bill a short time later.

Read the full article here

Friday, March 4, 2011

Message From Trigger

I have been crazy busy with some personal things, including my search for work lately. In the last two weeks, I've made more progress that I have in the last about 8 months. At least a couple of places let me turn in hard copies of applications and my resume' instead of the usual "you need to apply online" and in that case, I'll get no response or I'll get in the mail or email notice saying "Sorry you don't qualify".

I actually had a phone interview with one company. That was the first "interview" I've had since May of 2010. I have to go back to EDD next Thursday since I've been unemployed for over a year now, my 2nd extension is almost up and I have to do the interview process and turn in my work search form at the same time to them. Hopefully something positive comes from it.

I did notice that HotJobs and Monster joined forces, but it still sucks like Career Builder because I can search for work on it, and the first 9 pages are filled what I call "Scam Jobs". Those consist of all those "work from home" type jobs and "make $750 a week" or "online survey" jobs. Of course all the other jobs that seem to be posted are for Health Care but I have no degree or experience in that so that automatically disqualifies me.

I have had lots of luck the last couple of months though with searching for work on for regular work and the California state website. Still not many businesses locally are hiring and hardly take a resume' in person.

Maybe over the weekend or next week I'll get back to posting a few political or random stuff. I haven't decided.



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