Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Dems AKA Fleebaggers - Ones That Fled The State - Must Get Paychecks In Person If They Want To Get Paid

This is funny. Well the situation in Wisconsin isn't (which seems to be spreading to other states now like Iowa and Indiana), but since things got heated, the yellow-bellied Democrats fled the state because, well, that's what they do under pressure. It's a known fact. They love to lecture and have free speech if THEY are the ones doing the talking, but if you press them and confront them, they run. I think it's great that the Governor is making them come back to the state to get their paychecks if they want to get paid.

Via Hot Air: A nice first step. The next step, after the “fleebaggers” (as they’re now being called on Twitter) have come home, should be to pass a law retroactively docking their pay for the days they missed. Senate Republicans can’t do that now, I believe, because it’s a fiscal measure and those require a 20-member quorum. But soon enough, soon enough.

[MOTION] That the Chief Clerk provide the paycheck, per diem check, and any expense reimbursement check of any Senator who is absent without leave for 2 or more session days to the Majority Leader for the absent member to pick up in person. Until the Majority Leader authorizes the Chief Clerk to reinstate direct deposit, the Chief Clerk shall suspend the direct deposit of the paycheck of any such Senator and process the Senator’s pay as a paper check. The Majority Leader shall provide the checks only to the absent Senator and only on the floor of the Senate during a session day.

The committee vote on that was 3-2, three Republicans in the majority and two Democrats in the minority. But wait — how can Democrats vote when they’re not there? Well, apparently, telephone votes are permissible and common practice for committee sessions, just not for floor sessions..."

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