Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Team Trigger Update - Lakers In Talks For Carmelo Anthony

Just from my Team Trigger sources, the LA Lakers jumped in the mix for a trade for Carmelo Anthony. Though I am a LA Clipper fan and have been for years, I like Carmelo and this would be a great trade. Plus Carmelo would sign an extension and I would start watching the Lakers a little more if this happened.

The Lakers look like they would give up the often hurt and (in my opinion) lazy Andrew Bynum, Ron Artest (who's been bitching about his role lately) and a possible draft pick.

Though Carmelo would like to play in New York, he does own a summer home in LA and became friends with Kobe in the 2008 Olympics and though the two lead the league in shot attempts per 48 minutes (Kobe 28, Carmelo 26), it would work out fine, much to as it has in Miami after the first bumpy month they had.

Plus Laker fans and the NBA, you have to start thinking of life after Kobe and this would be a great start for them.

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