Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Late Night Post I Had To Share #1 - Updated - Again

I have a friend who is pretty cool, get along with and is an awesome musician. But like most friends I have, they are very liberal and a huge GW Bush hater (like most liberals are). On Facebook, he posted a link from the very liberal site Think Progress which had an article about the "10 things Conservatives don't want you to know about Reagan", just in time for his 100th birthday. Here's what I wrote back. Now understand I wrote it real quick, used my own opinion and memory for this as a comment so understand that one. I'm sure others can and will go into more detail to back this up or to debunk it. Plus back on Facebook, I'm sure I'll get some crazy responses back from him and others unless he deletes it.

"As a person who follows politics, I already knew most of these. Too bad between Bush's last 2 years and ESPECIALLY Obama's first two, they blow any negative against him out of the water. For #1, it was the 60's and many governors were raising taxes all across the country so it wasn't just him. For #2, the rise in debt was in part of strengthening the military, the arms raise in fact, ended up breaking down the Soviet Union. For #3, just as Obama likes to cry and say he "inherited" the mess we are in now, Reagan "inherited" Jimmy Carter's mess that he started in 1978 and by the beginning of 1982 after the tax cuts took effect and Laffer Curve worked, we were all better and America was off and running. For #4, the way he "expanded" government is nowhere near what it is now. For that time, it wasn't frowned upon. For #5, it's true, he did little about abortion. Being a religious person, he didn't believe in it. For #6, it worked. It did break the Soviets. For #7, amnesty he gave is one the reasons why there is such an argument for it now. It didn't work for 3 million, so why would it work for the approx. 12 million illegals there are now? Also, he gave reparations to the Japanese families that were put into concentration camps in the USA during WWII because of the threat of a "home grown" invasion after Pearl Harbor. For #8, Iran-Contra. Oliver North took the fall, Congress "prohibits" a lot of things, but doesn't mean they didn't want to. Communism was a real threat and anyway to defeat it, they did. Plausible Deniability. For #9, no law has helped that region. Africa has gotten worse over the years, mostly thanks to civil war and genocide. For #10, he didn't "create" them. The story of Bin Laden had many factors and one reason why he turned was because at the end of the Afghan invasion by the Soviets, we promised to stick around and help build schools, etc, get them back and running and in the end, Rep. Charlie Wilson got stabbed in the back by others and decided not to so we didn't. If you watch "Charlie Wilson's War", that is documented. Bin Laden took it to heart and personally. That is one factor why we are in Afghanistan as long as we have been and want them to succeed because we don't want it to happen again. We want the infrastructure and government to be sound before we pull the troops out.
So what the Washington Times, NPR, and Think Progress links/sites are very liberal ones and I'm going out on a limb here, but are they saying, is that Reagan sucked and caused 9/11? I wouldn't put it passed them. Did Michael Moore link him to it? I know he tried his hardest to link Bush, the Saudi's and others for 9/11

UPDATE - OK, I got a response:

Long comment ... article must have touched a nerve... the facts are what they are, which you acknowledge. The point of the article isn't to say whether he did or didn't do the things he did. Its to show the irony in the pedestal position he... has achieved in the view of the current gop when it goes against what they're pushing for.
I am confused about your response to iran-contra. He (his administration) went behind Congress' back to sell Iran arms to fund the contras in Nicaragua in order to topple their democracy and institute the us trained dictator who destroyed their livelihood until he was eventually removed from power. It was a huge embarrassment that even Mr. North faced no jail time for.

Most economists who don't have paychecks issued by uberpowerful corporations will tell you the laffer curve is laughable.
Never heard about Reagan being responsible for 9-11, but I know bush convinced the nation that Saddam was.
Look, I know you want to try to convince me that Obama/Democrats are causing problems and you think I'm trying to say Reagan and the Republicans are to blame, but to be honest, they're all to blame. Either side of the aisle might rhetorically or symbolically please their constituents while getting down to business on the downlow- big business gets them into office, and they have to do as their told. I see you get a lot of info from fox, heritage foundation, etc. But there is not much taken from the other side or the side that's least commonly heard - the objective one. Get skeptical. And yes, I said it. To me, as long as we're distracted by the same bipartisan bickering , we'll continue running in circles as the ultra wealthy few keep moving up. There was no recession for them - their wealth only multiplied! And no, the tea party is not the solution I'm reaching for haha

I responded: "I could had made it a REAL long comment if I wanted to or you thought it "touched a (real) nerve". My response about Reagan and 9/11 was a satire. I was putting that on the basis that the hardcore crazies, conspiracy theorists like a Michael Moore would try and do that.
I wasn't trying to convince you of anything, just responding. You and others already know where I stand on most things. I do get some info from Fox, Heritage...yes, but I also post on here sometimes and especially my blog, links from other sources as well, mostly right but also from the left. But not ALL. Not all (reasonable) people who are Republicans, Conservatives, etc get all their info just from Fox as MSNBC, The Daily Show, and some other MSM outlets like to think. The whole system is crooked, it's just what or where (in my opinion), you agree with most or where your principals lie most. I don't always agree with everything the GOP does. I'm opinionated all around. And honestly I have never bought into the Tea Party. Especially after I read a couple months ago that after they championed for cuts, they accepted over a billion dollars in money from the government. I had that article on my blog and I ranted about that.
In my opinion and for most I think, Reagan overall had a great reputation, the 80's had some of the best economic and militarily dominance in American history and that continued up to the end of the first Persian Gulf War with Bush #1. People will remember him for that, as well as his humor, strong minded approach, the attempted assassination, freeing the hostages from Iran, toppling Communism/Soviets, his faith and how both parties liked him. People who were on the "left" weren't called "Reagan Democrats" for nothing

My friend responded back: "I see. Yeah them Koch brothers and their tea parties.
Although, despite Reagan's Rep, lots of shady happenings did occur, as with most presidencies. I don't put it past any man to act human - full of mistakes and that bastard greed. If I me...t someone who said Obama had a spotless record, I'd slap them on behalf of every person affected by the BP oil spill and for all those fighting for a break from their dictator in Egypt. Although I do find it hard to think in the future he'll be remembered for pleasing both sides - he's been a target since the day he won. Oh well....

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