Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If Obamacare Is So Great, Why Are There Now 733 Companies Now Exempt From Carrying It - 40% Are Unions?

I can't believe this, 733 companies are exempt from Obamacare and that list is sure to grow. You can view the entire list here on the website. Out of that 733, 40% are unions or union companies. Well, they did give $100 million to Obama's campaign, so why shouldn't they get a free pass? And it's true, if this is so good for Americans and businesses, then why are so many trying to opt out of while the Constitutionality of it is being challenged and Florida just jumped on board with a few other states and had their judge rule it was unconstitutional.

Via If Obamacare is supposed to be such a great thing for America, why are so many companies and various organizations being granted exemptions? Why do so many of those who have sought the exemptions — like unions, for example — just happen to be supporters of Obama and liberal democratic policies? Could it be that liberals just love to make laws for everyone else, love to make everyone else but themselves pay?

I do not know how many companies and groups have applied for exemptions from Obamacare, but the list of entities who have been granted an exemption is growing quickly. A look at the page now shows that, as of December 3, 2010 there were 733 approved exemptions. That’s a total of 2,189,636 American workers that will not suffer the consequences of Obamacare. Keep in mind that the date on this report is two months ago. Who knows what the number is today. You can view the entire list at this website, and perhaps it will be more current by the time you click through to it.

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DeanO said...

Agreed - why is that and why the lion share belonging to Unions? It's all such a bloody crock.