Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CA Governor Orders A Freeze On State Hirings To Save On Budget

Well I've been having a tough time trying to land a normal job, now I can definitely count on not getting a state job.

Yahoo!/Reuters: California Governor Jerry Brown ordered a hiring freeze on Tuesday across the state's government to help cut costs in the face of a budget gap of at least $25 billion.

The budget deficit of the nation's most populous state is closely tracked in financial markets. California is the biggest issuer of U.S. municipal debt, and is of concern in Washington as some in Congress have discussed crafting legislation to allow states to declare bankruptcy to ease their fiscal woes.

The U.S. economy may be recovering but state and local governments still face weak revenue due to the recession, housing and financial market slumps, hesitant consumer spending and high unemployment.

Brown's order applies to vacant, seasonal, full-time and part-time positions and will save $363 million in operational costs in the next fiscal year beginning in July, Brown's office said.

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