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Restoring America - Harness Our Natural Resources

I had a piece that I did about a year or so ago (link here)on this very thing and linked and showed pictured from the Government offices on Minerals, etc showing our huge natural deposits but we can't do it mainly because of the red tape and the lawsuits that would follow. If we want dependence, lower energy costs and national security, we need to harbor the resources we have here. I found the reader's piece below from Flopping Aces awesome and I hope you do too.

Via Flopping Aces

We all know America is doomed unless we return to core economic values and we know the economy is presently in ruins.

We know that if any recovery takes place, hyper-inflation is sure to manifest itself. Inflation is already rising, and that’s with a national 10% unemployment rate.

BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION, and only Conservatives can implement that solution. First, some FACTS on which I’m sure you’ll agree with:

A)The jobs lost aren’t coming back, because the Industries that supported them are gone.

B) To create new jobs, you need to create:

1 – A new Industry.

2 – One vital to our economy.

3 – One that will generate not just jobs, but tax revenue.

4 – One that by it’s nature, can’t be shipped offshore.

5 – One that, also by its nature, affects every area of our Nation.

6 – One so large, it will spin off other new Industries.

7 – An Industry so large that it will reverse the flow of money outside of America to a flow of money INTO America.

8 – One that will result in manufacturing returning to America.

9 – One that the people will support.

10 – One that the Government will support, and finally….


Does such an Industry actually exist? Why YES! IT DOES!

Now, another FACT: (Remember this): “Energy is what keeps us from living in Mud Huts making sharp sticks.” Keep repeating that to every policy-maker you meet. Let’s see some info you can give them, shall we?

Since Oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in the mid- 1800′s, THE ENTIRE WORLD has used roughly 1-Trillion Barrels of oil. The “Green River Oil Shale Deposit” (“Google” that to learn more) contains an estimated 2-TRILLION BARRELS of recoverable oil. And it sits on Federal Land. (We own it).

Bush wouldn’t harvest it because of obvious ties to “BIG OIL.” (Royal Dutch Shell has the bid on it, not an American Company).

One totally new Industry must be created to harvest and refine it, using BIG AMERICAN COMPANIES that employ millions of workers, like Grumman, Westinghouse, Caterpillar, GE, United Technologies, Kaman, Texrel, and big transportation, like Georgia Pacific Rail.

SECONDLY, regarding coal, there are more BTU’S of energy underground in West Virginia in Coal than there is under the sands of Saudi Arabia in oil.

All States combined, America has more BTU’s of energy in Coal Reserves than all the OPEC countries possess..

In the 1930′s Germany (Under WWI blockade and having no known oil reserves) perfected the Fischer-Tropsch process, a catalyzed chemical reaction in which synthesis gas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen) is converted into liquid hydrocarbons of various forms. The principal purpose of this process is to produce a synthetic petroleum substitute, typically from coal, for use as synthetic lubrication oil or as synthetic fuel (Diesel and Jet Fuel). This synthetic fuel runs trucks, cars, and aircraft engines and electrical power plants. (Think Panzer and Luftwaffe Divisions. What powered them?).

Imagine this new Industry that takes 1/3 of our commercial vehicles off of Crude oil-based fuel. WE CAN DO THIS! We’re America!

Remember, I’ve not even mentioned Domestic Drilling, Nuclear or Natural Gas energy harvesting.

And what about another new industry created by doing this:

Land Reclamation.

Paid for by a small 50-cent (or so) per ton tax levied on mined coal or Oil Shale (To produce Shale Oil). Again – NEW INDUSTRY, with jobs that can never be outsourced.

America could become the world’s leading energy exporter, instead of it’s leading importer. Think of what that means for our National Security, and for Income and sales tax revenues. And the flow of money back into America instead of out.

Think of the corporate tax revenues, and instead of money flowing out into entitlement spending, tax revenues coming in due to income and sales tax revenue.

And because this incredible economic recovery will be BECAUSE of a massive influx in Independent Energy Production, energy prices won’t inflate. They’ll actually decline, preventing hyper-inflation and allowing Americans more disposable income. The dominos of recovery will be all lined up.

A President could do all this with a simple stroke of a pen, BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, citing National Security and our National Economy.

BOLD? Sure! But I would do it in a New York Minute. People are angry. They’re tired of wars (political or otherwise) over energy. They want to work, they want jobs.

They don’t believe in man-made “Climate Change.”

We Republicans can sell this, and do this. Real results. Real jobs. A Stronger and more secure America. I respectively request that you good folks consider and support this plan as THE MAJOR PLANK in our conservatives next Campaign Platforms. The resulting debate will forever diminish and expose “The Environmental Left” as the Anti-Americans they are.

Their Domestic Energy Policies have crippled an brought America to it’s knees. We can not allow that to continue.

Regards, Nostradamus.

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