Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Personal Note

I started that P90X workout yesterday and man am I wiped out. It's good though. I need to get back into shape and it's actually a very motivating thing. The instructor is very good and he lets you know to modify some of the workouts if you can't do certain exercises and to not over do it. If you need to take an extra couple of seconds, press pause, wipe your face off, take a sip of water and press play. I've had to do that several times. I already knew I was out of shape after being shape and looking like a bean pole most of my life and then a few years ago, my doctor told me I had the body of a 55 year old, arthritis in my lower back that gives me pain, my knees hurt and I was supposed to be on blood pressure medication but never did. Pretty bad for a person in their low 30's age. I thought I could on my own, I changed some of the things I ate, I stopped having a beer here an there, and it still didn't work. Plus I had a sit down job for many years so that didn't help at all along with drinking more soda. I am only in phase one, day two, but as my body adjusts and loosens up, all of the exercises will get easier and better. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

- Trigger

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