Monday, January 24, 2011

Memorial Service For The Border Agent Killed Last Month In Southern AZ Was Good. Catch The Illegals, Secure The Border

I really hope since the FBI took over this case, that they do use all avenues and find the illegals that killed this agent last month. So far zip. My buddy who I worked with years ago, has been a Border Patrol agent for about 10 years now and I texted him the other day and he said the memorial service was great and that the agent Brian Terry who was killed, was a good friend. These guys have a very tough and dangerous job and I think that most people, especially the left-winged Mainstream Media really doesn't understand the severity of situation and secure the border.

God Bless this man and his family.

Fox News: Authorities continue to comb the rugged southern Arizona terrain during the manhunt for a suspect they say was involved in the deadly gunfight that claimed the life of a U.S. Border Patrol agent late Tuesday night.

“I assure you, that every effort will be extended to bring that suspect into custody,” said Richard Barlow, the Border Patrol deputy chief of the Tucson Sector

Agent Brian A. Terry was gunned down the frenzied shoot out that involved a cadre that robs illegal immigrants--vulnerable targets-- as they cross the border. One of the suspects was injured during the shoot out and taken into custody, said Barlow. Three more suspects were later apprehended.

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