Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 More Former Jets Employees Suing Favre And Jets For Sexual Harrassment

Sounds like another gold digging attempt if you ask me. How many times have we seen or heard about a sports figure or celebrity get accused of something, then everyone in the world all of a sudden comes out of the wood work and jumps on the bandwagon and sues that person. As I have said previously in old posts, if something happened, speak up then not 2 years later. It just amazes me that this happens so often and it's so stupid we only hear about this because it's a celebrity. Again, we put too many celebrities and sports figures on too high of a pedestal and give them way too much money. Easy money for these gold diggers.

Another thing, the original investigation or suit against Favre was brought by Jenn Sterger who was a former employee and claims he sent "inappropriate" messages to her. Who's not to say she didn't do the same whether it was to him or to previous boyfriends? Who the hell even mentioned this in the first place that got this looked at by the NFL?

Listen, people in America and all around the world in this text message and media fast world send each other "dirty texts" or pictures to their friends as jokes or for the hell of it as well to their significant others thousands of times a day I bet. If the Favre allegations are true, then how and why are those people any different? Maybe she shouldn't had given her number to Favre in the first place. Sounds like a set up.

For a woman like Jenn Sterger to be upset over this and now two other women are claiming Favre harassed them as well, is ridiculous. Jenn Sterger got famous along with her friends at FSU due to them dressing up at games in sexy cowgirl outfits for the attention and a t.v. camera caught them then all of a sudden they and mainly herself, were posing in magazines like Maxim and making appearances and making money off it. Then Jenn poses for Playboy in one of their college issues.

So you'll take your clothes off and look sexy in magazines and on t.v. for the attention, but you're turned off by a supposed "dirty text" message? Something wrong there...

P.S. Brett, you have a beautiful wife and family and you didn't need to get caught up in this. To me, it wasn't worth getting her number. This should be a lesson...

Yahoo! Sports: The New York Jets say a lawsuit filed against them and Brett Favre(notes) by two massage therapists is “completely without merit,” and the team had not been aware of the accusations.

Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole contend in a lawsuit filed Monday they were subjected to sexual harassment and job discrimination. They are seeking unspecified damages from Favre, the Jets and a team massage coordinator, saying they lost their part-time jobs after complaining about sexually suggestive text messages from the 41-year-old quarterback while he was with the team in 2008.

“Unfortunately, the plaintiffs never reported the allegations to the Jets, either during or after the conclusion of their work,” the team said in a statement Tuesday. “The case against the Jets is completely without merit, and we look forward to defending the matter in court, where we are confident that the Jets will prevail.”

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