Wednesday, January 5, 2011

112th Congress Takes Order, Boehner Sworn In As The New Speaker

Well we got a new Speaker of the House. Hopefully he'll be better than Pelosi. A former co-worker of mine was on Facebook this morning saying that "...he was being sworn in and she hopes he doesn't cry ha ha".

So I replied that at least he should be better than than Pelosi who paraded down DC streets with that buck toothed, overbite sized smile of hers and passing bills before actually reading them (her words, not mine, look it up). Then I proceeded to tell her the national debt numbers in the 2 years since she has was Speaker and Obama has been President ($5 Trillion in 2 years). But then I ended it with "yeah he does cry a lot", which in all fairness he does.

Yahoo!/AP: Rep. John Boehner was elected speaker of the House Wednesday, sealing newfound Republican power-sharing as the 112th Congress convened and drawing the curtain on the history-making Nancy Pelosi era at the helm.

Cheers broke out among GOP lawmakers on the House floor on Wednesday as Boehner, a veteran lawmaker from Ohio, defeated Pelosi in the roll call for speaker. His rise to the helm of the House was virtually guaranteed months ago, when the midterm elections returned Republicans to control of the House, which they had surrendered to Democrats four years ago. Pelosi was the first woman to rise to the speaker's post.

The new Congress convened with prayers, pomp and partisanship, as Republicans vowed to use their new House majority to battle President Barack Obama on health care, spending, taxes and other issues.

In the Senate, lawmakers moved almost immediately to a debate over filibuster rules in which Democratic and Republican leaders accused each other of obstructing progress and trying to game the parliamentary system.

In the House, children and grandchildren of new lawmakers fidgeted, temporarily lending lighter moments to a chamber certain to see fierce debates and partisan votes in the next two years. House Republicans, for instance, plan to vote within days to overturn Obama's 2010 health care overhaul, but they acknowledge it's a symbolic gesture because the Senate will not concur.

Vice President Joe Biden gave the oath of office to senators, while the House began a long roll call that ended in Boehner's election. Nineteen House Democrats refused to vote for Pelosi as speaker, baring the lingering wounds from last fall's bitter elections that cost their party 64 House seats. Countless GOP campaign ads had depicted Pelosi and her allies as out-of-touch liberals. Eleven House Democrats kept campaign promises Wednesday by voting for fellow centrist Heath Shuler, D-N.C.

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