Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Streak Is Over. Favre Didn't Play Last Night

No mater how many times he has retired, whatever scandal has come about, family tragedy has happened, games he's won, etc, this guy is the NFL, a winner, and one of the all time greats in any sport. So last night, "The Streak" ended. Including playoffs, he has started 321 games - 297 of those regular season games. That is just amazing.

Yahoo! Sports: Talked out of another retirement in August, Brett Favre(notes) found a public that had long tired of his summer dramas. He found in his return to the Minnesota Vikings a receiving corps that was battered, a defense that was defenseless and a losing streak he couldn’t fix.

He found a coach he couldn’t coexist with (Brad Childress was fired by midseason). He found Randy Moss(notes), for a month. He found a body that couldn’t heal like it once did. He found an off-field scandal that was more humiliating than his most ill-fated interception. He found a home stadium with a collapsed roof.

And finally Brett Favre found himself here, on a bizarre, bitter cold night in snow-packed Detroit, in front of a two-thirds full stadium with the Vikings logo hastily painted over the Detroit Lion.

He found himself on the sideline, in black workout pants, a black T-shirt and a purple ski hat watching the start of an NFL game for the first time since Sept. 13, 1992. It ended the NFL-record ironman streak at 297 regular-season games (321 if you count the playoffs).

In 1939, not two miles from here at the old Briggs Stadium, the New York Yankees’ Lou Gehrig benched himself, ending baseball’s then-record 2,130 consecutive game mark. Seventy-one years later, Favre essentially did the same by declaring himself unfit to play.

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