Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Random Links

5 Insane Barack Obama comics that actually exist. Link here

Animals Riding Animals (it's not sexual) Link here

Top 10 prison gangs. Link here

Just photos of BEER. Link here

World's biggest food fights. Link here

50 dirtiest sports players. Link here

How to disappear/fall off the grid. Link here

Waka Waka Leaks. A non-profit media organization dedicated to bringing important Muppet-related news and information to the public. Link Here

Every Zombie death in order from this season of "The Walking Dead". Great show by the way. Link here

top 10 things not to say to your boss. Link here

50 most unbeatable records in sports. Link here

One of my favs - top 10 Will Ferrell characters. Link here

50 best raps in t.v. and movies. Link here

Super Mario - The BP Spill game. Link here

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