Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Personal Rant - Directed At The GOP And Cutting Off Unemployment Benefits

So, looking around online and on the many different Conservative blogs that I regularly check out and read, I noticed one thing: No one is talking about or commenting on the recent unemployment benefits being cut off for people like ME and 2 million others as of midnight last night. Why is that? I still have not been able to find work over the last several months since being laid off, especially here in California. I still have bills to pay and need to eat like many others.

I don't know if it's because the other blogs don't want to write about, if there is a code or pact amongst the reputable blogs they have with one another and only report and comment on the same articles. To me, this is a big deal and I would think they would like think it is as well. I guess not.

I am a Conservative, have been my whole life. After reading this, you'll probably say something like, "He calls himself a Republican, but it doesn't sound like, etc...". Overall, I am entitled to my opinion and I don't always have to go with the status quo. I'm not trying to look cool in everyone's eyes.

My site doesn't make money like the others do. I don't ask for any either. Other blogs do, so if someone who owns a site or blog and has advertisements or has a donation meters like I have seen and claim to be are "unemployed" in the regular market, they are making money off their site and blogging is their job. If they get enough traffic to their site, they can make serious money.

Anyways, I posted online and on Fox's FB page about how I think it's stupid that the GOP is playing politics again and vowing to block all bills until the tax cuts get extending and because of that ending benefits for people like ME and others who are counting on those funds until work is found.

I had several people laugh at me, calling me a few names including "not a real conservative - in California maybe, but in any other state he'd be a Democrat". One lady who was responding was calling people "repukes" and that "GWB rot in hell". Another told me to "move out state" to find work. One in particular was going up and down the message page commenting on everyone's opinions - including mine - telling people how they should run their lives, how to find work and making one comment to a person calling out "...Typical Tea Bagger Response...". Why do anti-anything and Liberals do this and they must get off on patrolling sites just bash others.

So someone made a comment on my opinion that I made, calling this guy out and finally the guy who was bashing everyone admits that he unemployed as well. TYPICAL. As he is telling others what to do and what he thinks of their responses, he tells me, "...I agree with Don, move out of the state".

So I responded by telling him, just after this person called this guy out who was bashing everyone, I said - "You were just posting further up '...but it's not easy for a family to just get up and relocate without any income coming in' and '...Creating their own jobs? Sounds entrepreneurial, which I like very much, but can you give me an example of how more than a million people that will be cut from unemployment can all of a sudden create a sustainable job out of thin air?'"

So the guy is telling me to move out of the state, how to get a job and that (people) should start their own business. Then he turns around tries justifying his unemployment status with that! and to top it off, he also made the comment, "I'm one of the few people who tell a boss to f-off and still get work. Really? Then why are you unemployed? People get tough when behind a keyboard and monitor. Come on now...

Last time I check, there are 7 applicants for every 1 job opening right now. How the heck am I or anyone else supposed to do all of this when there is no one hiring, no money coming in? There's some slim pickings. Granted there are some who are just milking the process and maybe that is who the GOP is targeting my blocking all bills in this "lame duck session" until the tax cuts are extended. But for someone like me and I'm sure another 1 million who are like me, who have been seeking and actively looking for work on a regular or daily basis, this is a tough pill to swallow by cutting off people who actually need it.

Plus the thing that is irritating to me is how much of any employment you try to go for, it's all done online. Maybe some don't have a computer. I've gone into so many places that I have brought my resume, asked if they are hiring, and then get told to fill out an application online. How can a computer tell an employer if I'm a good person or candidate?

It is also very easy for someone who ALREADY has a job to tell others to go find one. There are A LOT OF PEOPLE in the same boat right now, no matter your gender, political affiliation, age, etc. It is a tough recession.

This could be political suicide for the GOP if they keep this tough approach. They shouldn't be doing this, especially after their historic mid-term wins and regaining control of the House. There is already anger out there by the public, including me now, and soon there maybe a flood of people applying for food stamps and welfare which many may not get approved for, therefore making things much, much worse than it already is.

I remember seeing one quote out there that the GOP was saying that people should go for a low level or paying job like fast food. It may not be much, less than what you were getting on unemployment, but at least it's work (in generality). OK, that sounds fine in a way, little arrogant, but there aren't many fast food places that are hiring right now too. Plus about 95% of them are minimum wage and that would barely cover rent. And if you have a family, good luck taking care of them on minimum wage. I'll do what I have to do if I have to go that route, but I highly doubt that if one of these Congressional or Senate members were to fall on hard times like ME and other average everyday Americans, I can guarantee that they would not apply for fast food, even if their benefits were to be cut off suddenly because of this b.s. Guaranteed.

No matter what, in a difficult recession like this, neither party should be playing politics and holding up or in this case, cutting off benefits to anyone. Obviously they don't realize how much this hurts the everyday citizen and they obviously aren't listening to the people who elected them.

Do your normal work, cut other wasteful programs to pay for it, repeal or rework Obamacare, do whatever you gotta do elsewhere, but unemployment is one program that I and my former employer paid into so I could have when a situation like this is needed. It isn't government funded. Don't mess with people's money (as we have seen due to the outrageous bills, stimuluses and other belt busting bills Obama and Pelosi have done the last 2 years). It will bite you in the butt later.

Yahoo!/AP: Senate Republicans threatened Wednesday to block virtually all legislation until expiring tax cuts are extended and a bill is passed to fund the federal government, vastly complicating Democratic attempts to leave their own stamp on the final days of the post-election Congress.

Read more when you click the link above.

Here is another version on Fox News' site about how the GOP will block ALL bills until the Bush tax cuts are extended.

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