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People Retrained For Green Jobs, But Still Waiting On Work

I know exactly how this guy in the article feels. I've been out of work almost a year, total of 1 1/2 years if you count the time I was laid off previously from 06/08 to 02/09. I have sent out hundreds of resumes during this current time I've been laid off and I've had very little call backs or leads. It is very frustrating.
One reason why I haven't gone back to school is because I just paid off my student loans a couple years ago and that was a nightmare and I really don't want to get back into that. I may have too because things are disappearing fast.
It just goes to show again that the stimulus and money that was set aside in it for "shovel ready jobs" and "green jobs" that were supposed to ready and built, are not happening here. That's why I have never bought into that sector or the Global Warming debate.
You should also click on this link and read the transcript from Stossel's "Top 10 Promises Gone Wrong" by the politicians in the last year. It has to do with "green jobs", the push for Ethanol, and the thinking behind this. Ethanol consumption will lead to a food shortage and according to an environmentalist group that originally pushed for Ethanol is now doing a 180 and saying Ethanol causes more pollution that oil and gas and the Ethanol groups want us to pick up the tabs as they make money.

Via The Washington Post:

After losing his way in the old economy, Laurance Anton tried to assure his place in the new one by signing up for green jobs training earlier this year at his local community college.

Anton has been out of work since 2008, when his job as a surveyor vanished with Florida's once-sizzling housing market. After a futile search, at age 56 he reluctantly returned to school to learn the kind of job skills the Obama administration is wagering will soon fuel an employment boom: solar installation, sustainable landscape design, recycling and green demolition.

Anton said the classes, funded with a $2.9 million federal grant to Ocala's workforce development organization, have taught him a lot. He's learned how to apply Ohm's law, how to solder tiny components on circuit boards and how to disassemble rather than demolish a building.

The only problem is that his new skills have not resulted in a single job offer. Officials who run Ocala's green jobs training program say the same is true for three-quarters of their first 100 graduates.

"I think I have put in 200 applications," said Anton, who exhausted his unemployment benefits months ago and now relies on food stamps and his dwindling savings to survive. "I'm long past the point where I need some regular income."

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