Monday, December 27, 2010

PA. Governor Slams NFL. Are We Becoming A Nation Of "Wussies"? I Think So

God I hate Political Correctness. I have to agree with the Governor on this one. Lots of NFL games are played in bad weather including a couple of recent Super Bowls. The "tuck rule" game, the fog bowl, the ice bowl, the recent Vikings game that was moved because of the Metrodome roof collapse, even the game 2(?) weeks ago with the Patriots and Bears was played in horrible cold weather and lots of snow but that game wasn't moved or delayed. Why is this one being moved to tomorrow night?

We are in many ways becoming a nation of "wussies". Seriously. Think about it. I've seen a lot change from the time I was a kid playing sports to the kids of today playing sports. It's a joke. Everyone is equal. Can't have any losers. They all get a trophy now. Can't hurt anyone's feelings. The parents are taking it way to seriously, even with them starting fights during their kids' games. I even thought it was a joke when my cousin (who is a very good coach) was coaching his 3A football team a few years ago and I was watching the game and I learned that if they were up by 30 points, they had to kick off, the whole team had to run off the field and let the other team score so they would have to forfeit the game. Really? Dumbest thing I ever heard. The Mercy rule. Another thing I hate. Little League baseball, up by 10 runs, game is called. As Herm Edwards once said, "You play to win the game".

But also another example of being wussies. I was at BK today and I noticed for the first time that there is now a calorie counter next to the burgers on the value meals. I asked the guy when did that start and he said it was just recent and it's a law now. I just shook my head and said "We are getting way too politically correct now". He told me that "...if you want to watch your calories you shouldn't be at a place like BK". I completely agree.

We need to quit holding everyone's hand cause we "think" it's the right thing to do and it's not. There's no sense of freedom and you don't learn from that. We also need to stop taking care of everyone else on such a massive scale and concentrate on ourselves. I'm not talking isolationism, but close to it.

There's more I could go into, but I'll leave it as this for now. I wonder how long it will take before the political backlash of Gov. Rendell's comments take effect. Cause you know, even in the media, you have to explain yourself and clarify your remarks immediately in this 24 hr news cycle and if you - god forbid - you offend someone (which will probably happen), then the media wants you to apologize and then resign. Hell no, hold your ground. Never apologize for showing feeling as one of my best friends (and P.I.C. - Partners In Crime - DaddyRose) once said, then you apologize for the truth.

Via Shut Down Corner - Yahoo! Sports: Some Philadelphia Eagles fans, including the most important one in the state of Pennsylvania, are incensed that the team's game against the Minnesota Vikings was postponed for a blizzard that didn't pack as much of a wallop as expected on Sunday night.

Governor Ed Rendell joined countless fans upset about the game's move to Tuesday when he told FOX News:

"It's an absolute joke. I was looking forward to this. It would have been a real experience. This is what football is all about. We're becoming a nation of wussies."

Forecasters had called for a blizzard to hit during the game and for up to 18 inches of snow to fall in the City of Brotherly Love. But the center of the storm tracked east of the city and by the time the game would have been over, there was only about seven or eight inches on the ground. In those conditions, the game could have been played.

Read the whole thing on Yahoo! Sports

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