Thursday, December 16, 2010

Omnibus Bill Appears To Have Been Scrapped For Now

I think this bill was $1.3 Trillion which is crazy and the Democrats are crying again about "why should we read it out loud before we pass it"? (Democratic Sen. John Kerry on that exact remark - video) Probably because it's almost 2,000 pages long and full of useless crap and earmarks and doesn't actually get to the issues and how to fund programs and the federal government for the next fiscal year that's why.

Statement from GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell's desk - Due to a lack of Republican support for the 2,000-page spending bill, the Majority Leader (Reid) will not be calling it up. Looks like the Senate will be doing a short-term CR instead.

"There is only one reason cloture is not being filed" on the 2,000-page omnibus spending bill, McConnell said. They "don't have the votes."

h/t Red State

Via William Jacobson, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) has opted to forgo the porked up Omnibus Spending bill in favor of a much more slimmed down continuing resolution. The new measure would likely only fund the government for a few months allowing Republicans to control the overall shape of the remainder of the fiscal year ending Sept 30th.

Senator Reid’s published version of what happened is that he lost the support of Republicans who had previously announced that they would support the bill. If that is true, then this surely is a big win for conservative activists who put a lot of pressure on Republicans to oppose the massive increase in spending represented by this bill. Republicans now have the opportunity to really push for some sanity when it comes the size and scope of the government.

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