Thursday, December 16, 2010

NY Times Reports The Troop Surge Is Working. Duh!

It's pretty sad when a news organization and or paper even as far left as the New York Times is, can't admit things are good, such as the troop surge in Afghanistan and take our own words for it. They have to get that information from a Taliban commander instead.

Via The Weekly Standard:As the Obama administration reviews its strategy in Afghanistan, residents and even a Taliban commander say the surge of American troops this year has begun to set back the Taliban in parts of their southern heartland and to turn people against the insurgency — at least for now.

The stepped-up operations in Kandahar Province have left many in the Taliban demoralized, reluctant to fight and struggling to recruit, a Taliban commander said in an interview this week. Afghans with contacts in the Taliban confirmed his description. They pointed out that this was the first time in four years that the Taliban had given up their hold of all the districts around the city of Kandahar, an important staging ground for the insurgency and the focus of the 30,000 American troops whom President Obama ordered to be sent to Afghanistan last December.

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