Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nanny State Of S.F. - N.O.W. Suing Hooters

Looks like the Nanny State of SF is at it again. This time NOW is suing Hooters because they are serving food to minors. That restaurant chain isn't a designated place like a bar is, you don't need an ID to get in. So if parents want to bring their kids or teens or heck, even if teens go in there on their weekends for food, watch a game or see some eye candy, there is no way of stopping them.

I know two women that work in one of the Sacramento Hooters and they love it. And those that apply there, know exactly what they are getting into and some like that kind of attention.

This is just yet another example of people using the court system to run our lives. If a parent doesn't like the tight shirts and orange shorts then don't bring your kids there. Just like anything on t.v. or radio. Don't like it, change the station. It really is that simple. There is no reason to force this business to change its business model because NOW is finding yet another thing to object to.

People who walk into Hooters know what they are going to get, the name tells you all you need to know. If you don't think your children should be exposed to the waitstaff, then take them somewhere else. This is not something that a court should be wasting resources on.

On a side note, some of these groups or feminists need to do something better with their day instead of thinking of stupid lawsuits so they can make money. That's all its about. If you're going to sue one, sue them all. I could name 3 other businesses that are similar to Hooters or even ones that could be deemed offensive by some.

Via KCRA: The National Organization for Women is asking authorities to bar Hooters restaurants in San Francisco, San Bruno, Sacramento and Orange County from serving children.

The group's California chapter on Thursday filed complaints against the restaurants with prosecutors and police.

Hooters is known for its scantily clad waitresses. But NOW says the restaurants it identified are classified as adult entertainment establishments and are violating state and local laws by serving minors.

Patricia Bellasalma, NOW's California president, tells the San Francisco Chronicle that in recent years, Hooters has promoted itself as family friendly. It offers children's menus and T-shirts in children's sizes that say "Future Hooters Girl."

Hooters did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

You can also read other articles on this from other news sources here in California on these sites: KTVU, Inside Scoop SF, and California Watch to name a few.

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