Thursday, December 16, 2010

Man Fires Gun At School Board Members Because His Wife Was Fired - Later Kills Himself

The other day in Florida, a 56 year old man, upset because his wife was fired by the school district, appears before the School Board with a loaded pistol. One brave woman sneaks up behind the man and attempts to disarm him by grabbing his gun, but fails in the attempt.

After talking for a while, the man aims his gun at the Chairman and opens fire, then fires at other board members as they duck beneath their desks. After being wounded by a security guard, the man shoots himself and ends his life.

And for what? Because his wife was fired and he was upset? I've been laid off 3 times in my life including earlier this year. I'm frustrated with the lack of jobs and contacts back, no money and such, but it's not enough to make me want to pull a gun on someone. I don't understand how people go off the deep end on stuff like this. He lost his life because of this.

Full article on this from ABC News

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