Thursday, December 16, 2010

Initial Jobless Claims Down, At 27 Month Low

Well it's nice to hear that jobless claims are down this week compared to the previous week, though I'm still out of work, no money coming in and 3,000 less than last week reported doesn't sound like much to me, but it sounds good to others. Hopefully it gets better and myself and many others can find work. Check out the feature article from one of my favorite blogs below.

Via Carpe Diem

The Department of Labor today reported that seasonally-adjusted, initial unemployment claims fell by 3,000 for the week ending December 11, and the four-week moving average decreased by 5,250. This was the sixth straight weekly decline in the moving average measure of jobless claims, bringing it down to 422,750 claims, the lowest level since the first week of August 2008, more than 27 months ago (see chart). This ongoing downward trend in jobless claims over the last two years provides more evidence that the U.S. labor market is gradually improving.

Most economic indicators (retail sales, industrial production, consumer and business confidence, leading economic indicator, rail traffic, state tax collections, personal income, international trade, global growth, etc.) are now pointing to increasing economic vibrancy that is gaining momentum, and we can look forward to the best retail holiday shopping season in three years, and the strongest economy next year since 2007.

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