Friday, December 31, 2010

Ezra Klein Of The Washington Post On The Constitution

This one is making the rounds. There is a reason why the Mainstream Media is losing credibility and the people at ultra liberal newspapers like the Washington Post has been losing readership, because of dumb comments like what this guy said and the fact that the left again, doesn't believe in the Constitution with a quote like "...No binding power on anything...". This guy is a reporter and he doesn't even know any history and he proved that by saying it was written over 100 years ago. True it was - if you count some of the amendments to it, but as of today (in 2010), it was written 234 years ago. another reason why I think MSNBC is dumb.

Video here:

h/t/ Self Evident Truths

Here is a link to Right Pundits on a more detailed piece and opinion on this idiot.


joe said...

Is there anyone who believes MSNBC is actually a news channel?? keith olberman and chris matthews are nothing but far-left caricatures. They're totally laughable, except for the hate that spews out of their mouths. They're way beyond vile.

Trigger said...

I also personally dislike Rachael Maddow too. I made a post a while back on how I have banned their shows. I did watch it the other day and that guy "ED" from "The Ed Show" is a huge nutcase too. That whole network is.