Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Al Sharpton Working With FCC On Shutting Down Rush And Others

I would think the FCC has better things to do, but I guess now. The FCC is working with Al Sharpton to shut down people he doesn't like such as Rush Limbaugh because, he thinks they use the airwaves to offend people. He wants them in front of a Congressional hearing so they can explain themselves. Another words, the race card is being played again, Al thinks Rush and others on the "Right" are racists and he wants them shut down. When will we as a country and especially the old school guys from the Civil Rights movement move on? You can't move on, work together and make things better for ALL if you keep playing the same old games. Every time something like this happens where the race card is played, we're actually going backwards. That's just my opinion.

Via The Blaze

h/t The Lonely Conservative

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