Thursday, November 11, 2010

Videos And Links On George Soros - The Puppet Master. Stand Up America

It's things like these that Glenn Beck points out and shows the American public on how 1 person has so much power, all in the name of personal game. My eyes are open, have been for a long time. I don't understand how people aren't paying more attention to the things around them and what or in this case - whom - is trying to bring down our way of life. Watch, read and follow the links below. Also on the side, just do some research on your own and you'll find even more facts. I just broke this down to a simple format for now.

You should really read this whole list from Glenn Beck's website on George Soros. It out lines, IN HIS OWN WORDS (Soros'), everything he has said, wanting Globalization, weakening the US Dollar, how he brought down the Bank of England, Revolutions, Anti-Semitism, how he thinks he's GOD (which is funny because he isn't and he's an Atheist), his personal philosophy, how Soros is tied in with Obama, how he want's Cap and Trade, all the fake companies he's started, including his own parent company OSI and others he donates to in order to control the media, and what's funny, it's all in the name of "humanitarian aid" according to him and his company.

Check it all out here.

And then there's this video from last night on his show that outlines the 5 steps Soros uses in order to bring a society. He's done it 4 other times, and he's trying to make America the 5th. So far he's on step 4 of the 5. It's quite disturbing and in Soros' own words, he finds these techniques "amusing".

Full transcript of it here

Videos on YouTube and h/t Breitbart

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