Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maddow On Olbermann's Suspension. Don't Raise Money For Candidates Like Fox News You Say? Can You Say "Owned"?

This is funny. When Keith Olbermann got suspended by MSNBC briefly, Rachel Maddow went to his rescue and tried saying that Fox is a political machine and raises money for candidates on air and how MSNBC is not that and does not do that. Well this video suggests otherwise. Continue to lie to the American public as usual and there is a reason why you guys suck. Keep yelling at people from your glass house Ms. Maddow. They don't raise money for candidate on air huh? Can you say "OWNED!!!"?

I know Keith Olbermann was supposed to be suspended indefinitely, but then returned the following week, this is a funny video that I found that I think you should watch.

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