Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election Results In California And For The House And Senate

On Politics Daily, you click on their interactive map and check the results for all races. It appears that the Republicans are now in control of the House of Representatives with 239 seats, Democrats 185 and 11 seats still active.

The Republicans narrowly lost control of the Senate and the Democrats retained that edge with 52 seats, the Republicans have 46 and 2 seats are still active. Check that out here.

Here is a different map that shows that after this mid-term election, most of the country became Red again or GOP controlled after the votes were tallied.

Now where I live in heavily liberal controlled California where they outnumber Conservatives an astonishing 13 to 1, Democrats retained or gained several key seats and positions. The one thing that I am especially happy with, is the fact that Proposition 19 - legalization of marijuana was NOT passed. Thank you Lord. Let's just see if any stupid group will sue like they did when Prop 8 was defeated - twice.

Results from the Secretary of State's website. As you can see the liberal and Obama agenda are alive and well here with most key positions going to Democrats.

* Governor - Jerry Brown (D) - This jackass gets re-elected after almost 30 years
* Lieutenant Governor - Gavin Newsom (D)
* Secretary of State - Debra Bowen (D)
* Controller - John Chiang (D)
* Treasurer - Bill Lockyer (D)
* Attorney General - Kamala D. Harris (D) - probably closest contest by .2%
* Insurance Commissioner - Dave Jones (D)
* U.S. Senate - Barbara Boxer (D) - I was really hoping Carly would had won
* Supreme Court - Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Ming W. Chin and Carlos R. Moreno

Proposition 19 - Legalize Marijuana in CA, Regulate and Tax - NO!!!! Thank You voters! I voted no one this one.
Proposition 20 - Redistricting of Congressional Districts - Yes
Proposition 21 - State Park Funding. Vehicle License Surcharge - No
Proposition 22 - Prohibit State From Taking Some Local Funds - Yes
Proposition 23 - Suspend Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32) - No
Proposition 24 - Repeal Allowance of Lower Business Tax Liability - No
Proposition 25 - Simple Majority Vote to Pass Budget - Yes
Proposition 26 - 2/3 Vote for Some State/Local Fees - Yes
Proposition 27 - Eliminate State Redistricting Commission - No

Let's see how the landscape is in 2 years on the big election night of 2012.

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