Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Quick Message

As an American, I try to look for the best in people. I do read a lot news daily, watch plenty of t.v. at night, most of it political from all stations such as CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC and Headline News. I do like some of the commentary and funny view points from the likes of the Daily Show and Colbert Report.

I try to get as much as an unbiased point of view as possible, but I always tend to come back to my principals, lately more towards Fox and go Republican. That isn't necessarily a bad thing by all means. It just shows you how dumb the other networks have gotten because they aren't presenting the news in a truthful and informative way.

I'm writing this not only to let people know that I am open minded when it comes to politics, but mainly after watching the last 20 minutes of Keith Olbermann and the first 30 minutes of Rachel Maddow last night, I have officially been turned off of MSNBC.

Everytime I would get the nerve to sit down and watch either one, it is constant GOP bashing and never really reporting any actual news. When they talk, they have smug looks, condescending tones, and especially with Rachel Maddow, she has this half-assed funny grin on her face like when a drunk is trying to tell a joke but can't quite get to the punchline because that person is laughing inside at how funny it is to themselves - kind of thing.

Olbermann seems to get more angry by the day, likes saying "holy crap" a lot recently, and seems to have a bromance borderline obsession with Glenn Beck. Why don't you report actual news instead of you or your staff tivo-ing the Glenn Beck show everyday just so you can edit it to a point where not only does it make him look dumb and continuing to make him you "jackass of the day" segment or whatever it is called you have at the end of the show. This guy should had stayed in sports. He was awesome on ESPN.

Maybe there's a reason your show and your networks ratings are in the tanks. Rachel Maddow already did a spin on those ratings a few months ago when she tried to go after The O'Reilly Factor and he responded by telling her basically "Madam, that's why your ratings are in the tank". Then she tried getting all funny and said along the lines, "It's true that your do better in the ratings, but you know who beats your show? Dora The Explorer". Really? That's a kid show. He wasn't comparing his show against a Nickelodeon show. You guys are political shows, so that argument really has no place. That shows you right there that they are lost.

Quit talking to Americans like they are idiots and do some actual reporting. Maybe then I might watch that channel again. There is a reason to Tuesday's election results and your liberal friends are running for the hills.

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