Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Stories And Highlights From The "One Nation" Rally That Was A Horrible Disaster For The Left. You Guys Suck

The top picture is from the 8/28 Rally that Glenn Beck did to restore honor and show the greatness of our country. The left did everything they could to stop it, bash it and call it a disappointment. Now the bottom picture is the one from 10/2 where the left did their "One Nation" rally that was full of socialist, unions and basically just people who hate America. Notice the difference? People love this country more than you think. If you have ever watched anything from the Glenn Beck rally, notice that there was no hate, thousands showed up, and the mall was left in beautiful shape afterwords.

Now the 10/2 rally the left held, barely anyone showed up and the mall was left in horrible shape. The One Nation Rally featured speakers from unions, as well as groups like La Raza, the Sierra Club and the PFFLG – Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. The theme of the event is dissatisfaction. Progressives are dissatisfied the state of the nation. They desire America to be reconstructed.

The left is way off base and just doesn't get it. As you check out the links and see some pictures and especially the video I have at the end, it just leaves you shaking your head at the magnitude these guys go to push their agenda and it really shows their hate and laziness towards America. If their goal was to rally the base, it didn't work.

Here's some more highlights, pictures and stories below. And everyday Americans, Republicans and Tea Party people are supposed to the radical ones huh (still no evidence to back that up)?

Here is a picture from Doug Ross's "15 Photos from the One Nation Rally...." Let's use kids to push Socialism!

Pictures that the MSM used to photoshop from Glenn Beck's rally to try and make theirs look like more actually showed up. Check it out here and here

Also check out Marooned in Marin's "One Nation (of Commies, Unions and..."

Charlie Martin at PJM provides a very fair estimate of the One Nation rally here and proves that Crooks and Liars fulfill the latter part of their name, "there isn't a satellite passing by overhead, anytime you want one," he says.

American Power has a great writeup as well as Just a Conservative Girl who attended the event. Also check out Rational Nation's post if you missed it along with War Planner.

Check out this link from Sarah In Italy

Check out this link from Gateway Pundit. These kids admit that they were given credits for their high school classes to attend this rally. See how desperate they are? Video below.

Not only were thousands of supporters given free rides by unions and the NAACP to the rally, far left teachers at High School for Math, Science and Engineering were giving students class credits to attend.

High School kids are forced to attend the one Nation rally in order to graduate. SSL (Student Service Learning) hours are required by many state governments to graduate High School, so kids must attend these rallies. Apparently, the organizers were willing to use any means to bring thousands to the rally.

Here's a video of some foreign tourists who stopped by the mall where the rally was and when asked about it, they did say they are for expressing their voice, but the way how it was all trashy and everything is bad.

Reflections by The Left Coast Resistance:

1. The Leftists are very willing to "kill trees" and clutter nature in order to spread their message.
2. The participants of the march, with exceptions of course, when they were done with food, or decided they did not want literature, dropped their litter.
3. We saw a total of two "rank and file" event participants doing any clean-up.
4. The Left's methods of communication are very "old school", using tracts, pamphlets, books, etc. The Patriot Movement, in contrast, while having just as much scholarship and writing, is almost entirely paperless and online.

Here is a video from Human Events where a liberal protester physically assaulted one of their reporters when trying to videotape Rep. Charles Rangel.

The reporter, Emily Miller, was first hit from behind while she was taping Rangel as the Harlem congressman glad-handed supporters in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Miss Miller is heard on the video saying, “Please don’t hit me.” The protester proceeds to yell at the reporter, “Well get out of the way! What do you think this is? A--hole.” The activist was attempting to meet Rangel herself. Miss Miller continued videotaping the event, when suddenly the same unhinged protester lunged at her, hit her on the arm, and yelled, “Don’t take my picture.” Full article here
h/t here

Some facts and commentary from Right Pundits on the rally here

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