Friday, October 8, 2010

"Nanny State" San Francisco Looks To Ban McDonald's Toys And Make Adding Fruit To The Meal Mandatory

I saw this one the news last night and had to find an article about this out there and found this one. Again, it's the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY to take care of their kids and what they should and should not eat. Not the government. Here's a regular article from the UK Telegraph about this issue.

I live in California and we are taxed like crazy yet it doesn't help anything. I do like SF for its architecture, the scenery and going to Giants games (AT&T Park is a great park), but for some of the people, lifestyle choices, and the stupid laws and taxes they come up with, no thanks.

SF already taxes fast food (the $1 meal at McDonald's is 50 cents higher get that one), there's a pending soda tax, a fast food trash/clean-up tax, the sales tax in SF is 1% higher than the state tax (references here and here), plastic bags are banned for grocery use, the bridge fees are $7 to go across the Golden Gate and I think the Bay Bridge is still $5, one of the first to have a smoking ban (which is good), a backyard dog law (which tells you how much food you can feed and types of water bowls to give the pet), fines for cyber arcades to kids, and much more (another link here). This place is off the chain. Welcome to the Nanny State.

Via Broken Country: Here we are again in California, where virtually every human behavior is legislated, as if the people of this fine state are too stupid to know good from bad and right from wrong. Never before have we seen any place where the state legislature, a bunch of people that are truly out of touch with reality, believe they know whats best for everyone, everywhere.

San Francisco, the hub of all of the madness that eventually becomes state law, is once again making excuses and passing legislation to prohibit a publicly traded corporation from being profitable under the premise that the real reason children are fat is because of free toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

This of course is absolutely preposterous, as any rational thinking human being can see. Lets make a few comparisons to the life of a child in say, 1970 and today in 2010.

In 1970, there were no VCR’s. There were no DVD players. If a kid wanted to see a movie they had to go to a theater. There were only five or six channels on television and cartoons were only on in the mornings on Saturday and Sunday.

There were kids shows on daily, but they occasionally focused on health, fitness and hygiene.

There was no air conditioning. Today kids look out the windows on hot days and ridicule the kids outside playing as if they are stupid.

There were no video games. We played board games and played outside. Not a day went by that I wasn’t running, swimming or riding my bicycle as fast as I could to get where ever I was going.

Today kids have to be driven everywhere because they are too fat and lazy to walk. Ride a bike? Forget about it. Run for fun? Yeah right. We played Kick the Can, Hide and Seek and Ditch ‘Em all day long.

Today the strongest muscle on a kid is the ones in their thumbs from playing video games.

A big television in 1970 was 21 inch. A big TV today is 100 inches. Kids don’t move for anything. Remote controls in my house consisted of myself and my sisters. I could be at the other end of my street and my mom would call me in to put on channel four and get her a cup of coffee.

Playing Frisbee football and baseball was a daily event carried out at the local park or school sandlot. Today Little League baseball has been organized and corrupted by annoying moms looking for a way to ditch their kids for a few hours a week.

Believe it or not, there actually was a time and a day where neighborhoods were full of kids running amok chasing each other in games of Freeze Tag. Cars had to slow down on neighborhood streets because kids were everywhere.

Today neighborhoods look like ghost towns with cookie cutter homes stamped out of molds in orderly rows where cars are parked in garages and kids securely planted in front of their own TV’s in their bedrooms so mom doesn’t miss Oprah.

In the 70’s most meals were cooked at home. Going to McDonald’s was a treat we got maybe once a month. Today people eat out more then they eat at home.

There are a lot of reasons for this. One of the biggest is because politicians have made taxes incredibly high and have taxed virtually every aspect of out lives to the point that taxes have become almost confiscatory.

Another reason was this idea that women needed to be independent and working like dad did. Womens liberation will be looked at historically as the beginning of the end of America.

Does the board of directors of San Francisco want to know why children are fat? Because we have spoiled them lazy, thats why. Why did we do this? Because we bought into the nonsense of the sixties that mostly originated in SAN FRANCISCO!

So here we are today, watching the dullards that have run San Francisco into a shit heap of humanity trying to explain away to us that Happy Meals have made children fat.

When will the madness stop? When people start to once again think for themselves and stop listening to the lunacy that comes from the bureaucracy. These people can’t tell the difference between shit and Crisco.

They are overpaid, under worked glorified welfare recipients that ran for office because they couldn’t make it in the private sector. Nothing more. We should also take a close look at the very people passing legislation in California at all levels of government. The vast majority of our elected officials are overweight. Its a start.

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