Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Gloria Allred Follies - Video And Document Proof

I love Megyn Kelly. Sexiness with brains and attitude. I'm glad that with the recent allegations super shark lawyer Gloria Allred has brought forth against Meg Whitman, she has been getting served by people, mainly from Fox News. But I give Gloria credit, she doesn't really back down and she keeps coming back. It is kind of convenient (as I mentioned before when this first happened) that these allegations are happening now, a mere month from elections. Oh yeah, the poor lady who was saying she was treated poorly by Meg Whitman, made ONLY $23 an hour. For part time! That's well more what I was making in the title industry before I was laid off earlier this year. She made twice as much as my Mom does and she's been with her job for 14 years. And I worked and she works FULL TIME! Where's the justice in that?

This video is with Allred back on Greta's show getting served again! Go Greta!!

Some highlights from the document above. The maid requested her last pay one month before she was fired, she didn't keep track of her hours when she worked (don't you need to know that in order to get paid correctly?), the lady provided a fake license and SSN card, and is alleging that Meg Whitman didn't send a gift or a card when she had her baby. Really? Most employers are not allowed to give out personal gifts to employees or clients. I know in the title industry, it's illegal.

Read more (Credit for videos and screenshot) are on Just A Conservative Girl. Awesome

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