Friday, October 22, 2010

James Cameron Says "We Have To Live With Less", Yet He Doesn't

More Hollywood liberal hypocrisy. Do as we say, not as we do. Remember, celebrities have our backs and know what is right for all people. Follow your own advise people. What a joke.

Not Evil Just Wrong: He may be scared to debate, but he is not scared to spend money so that others can hear about his opinions. And he is not afraid to spend money to tell the rest of us we have to live with less.

Cameron has just given $1m to help defeat California’s Prop23 which will overturn the Global Warming Bill. If Cameron succeeds and Prop 23 is defeated energy bills will go up – prices will increase and yet more jobs will flee the state.

Cameron has already told us that we are “going to have to live with less” but it seems that living for less is just for us and not for him.

Nothing has or will change in James Cameron’s lifestyle.

Here's how James Cameron Lives. Video:

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