Monday, October 18, 2010

Democrats Want To Pass Another $1 Trillion Bill.

How shady. The Democrats aren't even letting their Republican colleagues know that they plan on doing this. At first, the Democrats were worried about passing a budget this year, and now it seems that they are going to wait until after the mid-term elections to pass a $1 Trillion bill. We're already on the hook for a $1.3 Trillion deficit for this year alone, not to mention around $3.1 Trillion since Obama took office alone! Bush "only" increased our national debt by $5 Trillion and that was 8 years. Obama's been in office for almost 2 years.

The Hill: Republicans complain that they are being shut out of negotiations and are sounding warnings that Democrats will try to jam a $1 trillion bill through Congress immediately following the midterm elections.

“We have not been told a single thing,” a House GOP aide said. “There has not been one phone call from the majority to us.”

Several lobbyists said Republicans haven’t been involved in discussions and are predicting a partisan battle in the lame-duck session over the omnibus.

Election-year politics and concerns over spending prevented Democrats from passing any of the 12 annual appropriations bills before lawmakers left Washington at the end of September. Congress passed a short-term continuing resolution to keep the federal government running only through Dec. 3, meaning lawmakers will have to act quickly in the post-election lame-duck session, which begins Nov. 15.

While Republicans have pushed for appropriations bills to be considered individually, the two most likely scenarios are some kind of catch-all spending bill or another continuing resolution that would fund the government into the 112th Congress. An omnibus comprising all the bills, however, could be politically difficult, since it would push the top-line spending amount past $1 trillion.

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