Friday, October 29, 2010

Democrats Hope Jon Stewart Will Give Them Boost, Stage Phone Bank For The "Restore Sanity" Rally This Weekend

Remember, this weekend is The Colbert Report's (or as he pronounces it - The Coal Bear Re-pour) and Daily Show's staged "Restore Sanity" rally in DC. I wonder how many people will show up? They clearly claim that it is "non-partisan" but come on. We all know these guys are Democrats and it's all in fun to them because they are trying to make fun of the hugely successful Glenn Beck 8/28 rally he had. And the fact that it's staged only a couple of days before the elections is purely coincidental.

Via Washington Examiner:

Facing dire prospects at the polls, Organizing for America, the permanent incarnation of the Obama presidential campaign, is looking for help from Saturday's Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert "nonpartisan" rally on the Mall. "We need folks to turn the energy from that rally into action by contacting key voters across the country and making sure they have a plan to vote by November 2nd," Organizing for America officials say in a new email to supporters. "That's why we're holding a special phone bank just after the rally."

The phone bank will be held at Democratic National Committee offices near the Mall. "After the rally, come to the Democratic national headquarters to spread the sanity by calling voters in some of the country's closest races," an Organizing for America website says. "Food and drink will be provided."

"Stop the insanity! Make sure everyone votes on Tuesday."

Stewart claims his rally will be nonpartisan. "If we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence, we couldn't," he has said. "That's sort of the point."

President Obama, working to boost Democratic turnout next Tuesday, has endorsed the event. "[Jon Stewart] is going to host a rally called something like Americans in Favor of a Return to Sanity or something like that," Obama told an audience in Richmond, Virginia a few weeks ago. "And his point was, you know, 70 percent of the people, it doesn't matter what their political affiliation is, 70 percent of the folks are just like you, which is going about their business….having those voices lifted up is really important."

On Stewart's program Wednesday night, Obama was questioned about his administration's record and again brought up the rally. "You know, the other thing that might have made a difference is if you had held the Rally to Restore Sanity two years ago," Obama said. "That might have made a difference."

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