Thursday, September 2, 2010

Obama Labor Dept Still Praises Hugo Chavez, Tells Students ‘Republicans Hate Latinos’

This lady needs to be replaced. Republicans hate Latinos? Are you f'n serious? I have a couple of friends that are latino and they are Republicans and don't think that is true. Another positive message from the left aka The Party Of Hate.

Democratic Socialists of America's Honorary Chairperson Dolores Huerta was used by the Obama Labor Department in advertisements instructing illegal aliens to fight for fair wages. In this recently uncovered audio, Ms. Huerta is speaking to high school students and praising the virtues of Hugo Chavez' Venezuela.

Obviously others think like her. At her 80th birthday party recently, people like Carlos Santana, Martin Sheen attended and even a video message from President Obama congratulating her. Sick. Mirroring ourselves after crappy countries and dictators like Cuba and Hugo Chavez is not the way to go and on the surface, it may sound good, it really isn't. Socialism is the wrong way to go. Look at every socialist or communist society that has existed. They all have pretty much failed or no longer exist for a reason. The only exception is China so far.


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