Thursday, September 9, 2010

Obama Continues To Blame GOP As The USA Economy Slips Into 4th In World

Same old rhetoric. As we continue to hang, all he does in blame.

What a difference four years make. In August, 2006, the U.S. national unemployment rate was only 1.9%. Today, after four years of Democrats controlling Capitol Hill and almost two years of Barack Obama as president, the unemployment rate is ’said’ to be 9.6%. Most realists put it at about 17%. A new report on world economies lowered the U.S. two notches to 4th place. All of this while Obama bashes the GOP.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) ranks America 4th after Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore. China, whom many will argue is the #2 economy after the U.S., moved up the WEF’s ranking from 29th to 27th place. The ranking focuses on ‘competitiveness’. A survey of some 13,500 business executives is combined with economic indicators to come up with these rankings. Greece plunged from 71st to 83rd.

Yesterday in Cleveland, Obama went on another tirade about Republicans being the ‘party of No’. As if he thinks they should just roll over and play dead while he and the Democrats ram through their Progressive-Socialist agenda. Being in Ohio, Obama went personal naming Congressman John Boehner (R-OH) as the ringleader for this negativity. Boehner, who is only the House Minority Leader, was hoisted up by Obama as Public Enemy Number One.

Obama has proven himself to be woefully prepared as president, or even as a national political figure. Rule Number One is NEVER raise a lesser opponent to your level of stature. But Obama has to blame somebody and after 19 months of blaming George W. Bush for everything, that message is going nowhere.

President Obama likes to keep pointing out that it was the GOP who caused the mess we are in. However, as listed earlier, back in 2006, when the GOP was running the show completely, the economy was in far better shape than it is today. True, the warning signs of the housing bubble were all about, but who was it who was actively preventing any action on mortgage giants Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac? Democrat leaders like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

This new WEF report is a joke, too, almost as much as Obama’s bashing of John Boehner. The report does not take into consideration the overall global problems of the fiat currency system. Every large bank, including all of the national central banks, are sitting on a pile of ‘toxic assets’ that are worthless. Paid for and propped up with currencies that are worthless.

Obama, and most world leaders, are all way out of their depth in tackling the economic issues of the day. When Obama says that the ‘worst is over’ (thanks to HIS stimulus bill) he is utterly wrong. The planet is still teetering on a financial crisis. It won’t be solved, either, by this singling out of John Boehner, or even George W. Bush. Both American political parties are in bed with the central banks and moneyed interests who have built up this house of cards over the past 97 years. Obama can bash the GOP all he wants, but it will not bring us any closer to a genuine solution.

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