Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meg Whitman's Former Maid Says She Knew She Was Illegal, Hires Lawyer. Dirty Politics At It's Best

Well this sounds like a clear case of MONEY $$$$$. This former maid of Governor hopeful Meg Whitman says that she knew she was illegal when she employed her and has hired super lawyer Gloria Allred. Good thing for Meg Whitman, she has documents to back up her claims that this lady says she was a "legal" person and released copies of documents she signed under penalty of perjury and of a drivers license and SSN card to prove it. So this lady comes in illegally, gets hooked up docs to make it look like she is legal (and whoever did that needs to be put in jail cause that's illegal in its own right) and all because Whitman is in the running to be Governor, this lady is crying foul saying she was treated bad, etc. Again it's ll about money. Second, I can't stand Gloria Allred. This lady is a shark and loves to take high profile cases where it looks like the woman is the victim. Remember she represented the mistress of Scott Peterson. Oh, did I mention Allred is friends with Whitman's opponent Jerry Brown? Hmm...Classy.

Yahoo!/AP: A former housekeeper to California Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman surfaced on Wednesday to say that the former eBay executive knowingly employed her illegally and treated her poorly.

The Whitman campaign moved quickly to counter the allegations by Nicky Diaz, saying the housekeeper from Mexico lied about her immigration status when she was hired in 2000, providing a Social Security card and other documents that appeared to show she could legally work in the United States.

Whitman also said that in coming forward with the potentially explosive allegations 35 days before the November 2 election, Diaz was being "manipulated" by attorney Gloria Allred, who has been a friend and supporter of Democratic rival Jerry Brown.

The accusations by Diaz come one day after the first debate between Brown and Whitman in a tight campaign in which both sides have courted the Latino vote, and could prove damaging to the Silicon Valley billionaire if they gain traction.

Whitman has worked hard to make inroads with Latino voters, who tend to vote Democratic, in her race against Brown, the former governor and current state attorney general.

At a news conference at her Los Angeles office, Allred said that Whitman never asked Diaz if she was in the country legally when Diaz was hired in 2000 and failed to pay her for all of the hours she was hired to work.

Allred also said that Whitman disregarded letters from the Social Security Administration notifying her that there were discrepancies with the Social Security number Diaz provided.

A tearful Diaz said she came to Whitman in June 2009 for help getting legal status, but that Whitman angrily fired her instead.

The Whitman campaign released a U.S. Immigration and Naturalization employment eligibility verification form signed by Diaz when she was hired by Whitman in which she asserts under penalty of perjury that she is a lawful permanent resident.

The campaign also released copies of the Social Security Card and California driver's license supplied by Diaz at the time she was hired, and an employment questionnaire in which she checked a box saying that she could legally accept employment.


Montana said...

Meg, Meg, Meg, where do I start, you have reportedly spent $119 million of your own money to get elected Governor but you personally went out, interviewed and hire yourself a 15 hour a week maid/ housekeeper instead of hiring a service like Maid Brigade, Merry Maids, ServiceMaster Clean, talk about being a cheap bastard (or better yet clean your own house and raise your own kids). But it does not stop there, after she worked for you for nine years you would not help her in getting legalized? Wow, what a WITCH, of course I meant it with a “B”.

But your comments on holding employers accountable for hiring undocumented workers real takes the cake, I assume you exempt yourself and your husband, or will you be turning yourself in.

Meg on holding employers accountable:

Meg you think you can buy the election, but what puzzles many is if you real cared and loved California then why not do your civic duty and vote, seems more rhetoric than anything else. In good times we might give you a try but not in our disaster mode that we find ourselves in after that so-called outsider Independent Republican, named Arnold Schwarzenegger (sold to us by radio personalities John and Ken), ruined our state, yah we will trust another one of you liars, think not. You can’t buy everything! What a waste of money!

Ebay paid out $200,000 because Nutmeg assaulted an employee, so it’s not the time she mistreated an employee. Good luck winning Nutmeg, money won’t buy you admiration from the majority just from the Gay Old Party (GOP).

Trigger said...

I'm not a fan of Meg Whitman nor am I a fan of Jerry Brown. I posted this one because it looks like a clear case of extortion.

And the GOP remark that was part of the comment, please do not post that again. There is no need for that. But in my defense, at least the Republicans aren't responsible for this problem we've been in for the last 2 years (previous post and facts post on here to back that up) and our logo isn't a donkey aka Jack-ass or even the new one that looks like a toilet bowl.