Thursday, September 9, 2010

Letter Bomb - Story From Hope N Change's Site

Via Hope N Change

In response to Glenn Beck's hugely successful rally on "Restoring Honor," a liberal group calling itself "One Nation Working Together" is planning a counter-march on 10/2/10 to hang on to the "Change We Voted For."

One Nation Working Together describes itself as a "grassroots" operation, which oddly seems to be made up entirely of unions and hard-left organizations. In other words, to quote Nancy Pelosi, they're more "astro-turf" than grassroots.

But the logo they've created is odd to say the least: a quasi-American flag in which the field of stars has been replaced with the letter "N". Ouch!

Which got us thinking: if someone at the Glenn Beck rally had carried this flag, the quick-to-see-racism mainstream media would have had a feeding frenzy.

But actually, the "N" in their logo is a theoretically clever graphic pairing of the number "1" and the letter "n," to suggest "one nation" if you stare at it for a long, long time.

But strangely, Hope n' Change was just sure that we'd seen a similar design somewhere in the past. And then it hit us...

Maybe their logo has captured the essence of the "Change They Voted For" after all...

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