Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I rarely watched his show until I got laid off a few months back. I wouldn't saw I was a fan of Glenn Beck before yesterday. I would watch his show every now and the times I did watch I was impressed. and then and see a few videos here and there cross posted on other blogs and sites and he is usually made fun of on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Keith Olbermann and that chick/dude Rachel Maddow. But that all changed.

As I have posted many times my OWN links and posts and seen many on other awesome blogs, I've always know the Democratic Party as a whole and even tagged them on here as "The Party Of Hate". Glenn Beck proved that THEY ARE yesterday on his show. I am now a FAN of Glenn Beck.

Mr. Beck calmly goes through the list of people who have put down the 8/28 Rally, but most importantly, proved that it was about US and how the left is desperate and lies about everyday Americans so they can push their agenda and strike fear into everyone. The left is so desperate they have resorted to what is shown in the video.

Watch the video below courtesy of Right Scoop and watch all 3 segments of his show and see for yourself what I mean. Again, Democrats proved that they are "The Party Of Hate".

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