Tuesday, September 14, 2010

French Government Passes Ban On Burkas, Bomb Threat Happens At The Eiffel Tower

Oh how convenient. So France passes a ban on burkas, and next thing you know, there's a bomb threat on one of the world's greatest icons, the Eiffel Tower. That's how radical Islam works. Don't do something they like, they threaten or actually bomb.

h/t Gateway Pundit

News is starting to make its way around the world that the Eiffel Tower received a bomb threat hours after the French Senate voted to ban the burka, the face coverings forced upon Muslim women.

CNN is reporting that the Tower and the park surrounding it were evacuated Tuesday evening after a bomb threat was received.

Some 2,000 people were in the area when the evacuation was ordered, police said, according to CNN affiliate BFM-TV . Also evacuated were a number a nearby apartment buildings and businesses, according to news reports.

It should be no surprise that this threat came on the same day that the government voted to ban Muslim burkas. Tuesday morning, the Senate overwhelmingly voted to ban burkas worn in public on a 246 to one vote. The bill had already passed the lower house and it is assumed that the law will stick through the 10-day rebuttal period.

The Media is not saying that the bomb threat is tied to the burka ban, but it is hard to dismiss it all as mere coincidence.

Burka Ban story here

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