Monday, September 20, 2010

Former President Clinton Offers Advise, Quit Name Calling And Tell The Facts

Though I was not a real fan of Clinton during his Presidency, especially the second term, I do like him on one thing - he worked with a GOP controlled Congress and got things done. Think this President would learn in November when the GOP and possible the Tea Party and their votes take back Congress this year? Probably not, but he should take this advise from the former President. Read below...

Via Yahoo!: In response to the success of conservative Republicans in Tuesday's primaries, he urged the President to get "out on there on the stump" and sell his own plan. "He's got a story to tell. Talk about the stakes, not name call but tell the facts. The Republicans have been very candid and I give them this, with what they intend to do if they get into Congress," he said.

Read more on Yahoo and it also has a video of the interview.

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