Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday! - The 1980's Actors Who Sang - Some Of Them One Hit Wonders

I got the idea for this after watching VH1's Greatest One Hit Wonders and some some of these songs. There were some good songs too and I thought I'd do this compilation. I may have left a few out, but these are ones I could remember so enjoy!!

Eddie Murphy from SNL and Comedy

Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing

don Johnson from Miami Vice

Jack Wagner, General Hospital, Melrose Place and who is still a Soap Star

Bruce Willis who was stared out on Moonlighting

David Hasselhoff started on General Hospital and Knight Rider

The next two are Rick Springfield who started out on General Hospital

Kevin Bacon and his brothers

Martika started out on Kids Incorporated

Alyssa Milano from Who's The Boss

Michael Damien from The Young and The Restless

Fergie started out on Kids Incorporated in the 1980's as well. She was one of the original 5 from that show with Martika. One of the other originals Renee, she was in Wild Orchid with Fergie in the 90's. Fergie has a solid recording career as well.

Lisa Hartman (who is now married to Clint Black) from Knotts Landing

Gloria Loring from Days Of Our Lives

Alanis Morissette started out on You Can't Do That On Television and has had a solid recording career

Raven Symone played the little kid from The Cosby Show

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