Monday, September 20, 2010

Colin Powell Admits To Hiring Illegals

In a recent interview with NBC,Powell is on record acknowledging that illegal immigrants have done work on his house. He even stated that the illegals are "What's keeping this country's lifeblood moving forward"! and "They are doing things we need done in this country", so he believes we should give them a path towards legal status.

In that same interview, Powell also stated "...Let's attack him on policy, not nonsense", when asked about critics of Obama! His policies are NONSENSE!

h/t What Makes Us Right via Left Coast Resistance

Some are saying if you give them legal status, they will then quit doing the work and start draining our welfare system. TRUE.

And some are also saying that if some of the lazy social welfare recipients would get off of their asses, the work that "needs to be done" would get completed, our welfare problem would go away and their would not be a reason for these illegals to enter the country! (their words not mine) I say - MAYBE. I say "maybe" because though I'm not on welfare, I am currently unemployed and I have been searching for work and I am willing to work, but no one - STILL - aren't hiring. So tell me what's up with that? Plus if people would quit acting dumb, drinking so much and having multiple babies by dead beat men, maybe they wouldn't need to be lazy and be on welfare. Also in this "Generation Me" bullcrap, people are so selfish and lazy as it is, welfare will be around for a few more generations. Thought of that one?

Illegals already get government assistance and free health care because when they cross the border and have their anchor babies here in America, they get to stay no matter what and the normal citizens pick up the tab. Democrats what Amnesty because it means more votes for them since they pander to "the little people" and they count on minority votes to get elected, even though they really don't care about minorities. A la why I have dubbed them "The Party Of Hate" (term is pending trademark).

But on a side note about welfare, my cousin, her friend had a child within the last year and since she wasn't getting any assistance from her "donor", she went on welfare and was on the "welfare to work" program. She told me that the welfare worker actually told her friend and encouraged her to stay on welfare because she would be better off in the long run than working. How messed up is that? How can we try to fix or solve the welfare problem, if the people who work for the system are encouraging people to stay on than trying to get off it?

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