Thursday, August 26, 2010

Steve Forbes On President Obama - He Thinks He'll Be On Mount Rushmore & Dems Are Just His Martyrs

Via Freedom's Lighthouse

Here is video of Steve Forbes assessing President Barack Obama and his ideology about as well as I have heard it expressed.

Forbes contends Obama is “ideologically-driven,” and that he believes he will be remembered as a “great President” for the things he has already done. He said that in Obama’s “semi-socialist mind,” that’s pretty good work for the first two years.

Here is how Forbes summarized Obama’s thinking:

“He feels that, in terms of what he’s done, long-term it will make him a great President – put him on Mount Rushmore – change America from a greedy nation to a quiet socialist nation that knows its place in the world. So, in that sense, he’s just going to go along with it, and if the Democrats take a loss, they’re just martyrs to his revolution.”

Could not be better said. Forbes absolutely has Obama pegged.

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