Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sharia Law Comes To NYC - Ground Zero Mosque May Get Tax Exempt Public Funds

Read more on this blog - Infidel Bloggers Alliance. They go more in depth on this story and another example of how stupid our government has gotten and trying to be all nice to these idiots. And they may get public financing for a project a mass majority of Americans don't want built? Not to mention it's all about Sharia Law too. How f'd up is that? What a slap in the face of America and all the innocent victims of 9/11.

Via Maggie's Notebook

The Retuers headline: "Ground Zero Muslim Center may get public financing," even though the project developer says the facility will hold "1,000 worshippers." Developers are hoping to raise $70 million in tax-exempt debt and the city of New York is considering tax-exempts bonds. Shariah law requires the mosque to built with no interest payments. How does all this come together? Will New Yorkers provide Shariah Compliant Financing for their Muslim residents, not for a mosque, but for a community center? Shariah finance succeeds where terrorism fails?

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